Buprenorphine Abuse Signs

Buprenorphine Abuse Signs

Buprenorphine abuse has been drawing a lot of interest in the recent times. This is mainly because the drug is prescribed by medical practitioners in the treatment of addiction of other opiates. Buprenorphine is also falls in the class of opiates though it is a weak one. it is used in treating addiction of other stronger opiates like morphine, heroin, hydrocodone and oxycodone. Falling in the class of the opiates, it definitely would stimulate the brain in a manner similar to the other opiates.

However, you will note that the drug incorporates much lower risks than the others especially as pertaining to physical dependency. In this case, the individual, once taken to a rehabilitation center will undergo replacement therapy where they would no longer take drugs they are addicted to but rather take, buprenorphine.

In this case, they would bear the same effects though from a less harmful drug. As time goes by, buprenorphine will also be gradually reduced up to a certain time when the individual would not require the drug anymore.

Despite the fact that the drug is less habit forming, there are instances where an individual will develop physical dependency to the drug. This is especially when the drug is taken through injection or snorting and not through the recommended method. Normally, the drug, contained in Suboxone is taken by placing it beneath the tongue. Physical dependency to buprenorphine will also occur in cases where an individual takes the drug for too long.

Buprenorphine Abuse Signs

Their body will develop a chemical dependency in which case they will have to take the drug. In addition, chemical tolerance will develop in which case, the normal prescriptions will not produce the same effects anymore. In this case, they will either increase the amounts of the drug they are taking or take the drug more frequently than recommended.

It is often very difficult to determine when an individual is hooked on prescription drugs simply because you cannot tell whether they need them. However, with a keen eye, you would spot the warning signs. This is especially as to the behavioral changes. Mood swings, constant irritability and aggressiveness would actually occur. Individuals would give no regard to their outward look as long as they can get the drugs. Changes in behavior would also be seen especially in children with a preference to keep alone.

Apart from behavioral changes, you could look at the health complications which include constipation, low blood pressure, reduced respiration rates, loss of fertility and menstruation periods, reduced rate of breathing, confusion, depression as well as increased choking risk.

In addition, buprenorphine would result in constant drowsiness, respiratory depression, and vomiting. Nausea, dizziness, itchy skin, headaches, dry mouth, urinary retention, reduced sex drive, difficulty in ejaculating for males, orthostatic hypotension and reduced libido would also occur.

As you would acknowledge, weaning out of buprenorphine addiction would be quite a Herculean task without the help of medical practitioners. This is especially because of the withdrawal symptoms that the individual would experience. Signing up in a rehabilitation center would be the best remedy for an addict in order to have the progress monitored.

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